Thursday, June 12, 2014

That's just how it is this year...

Let me start by saying that I realize this isn't a big deal to anyone but me, but...

It's time I take off my supermom cape and put on my pregnancy muumuu and flip flops because this summer is all about survival.  I had grand plans for the second year of The Nuffer Family Summer Camp (TNFSC), but...  yeah...

I have to take a couple summer school classes just to graduate in the fall and I have to graduate in the fall or I will lose my mind.

And since our new house became available suddenly and unexpectedly, and since we don't want to be put on a wait list we need to move now, a few days before I deliver this baby.

And since baby #3 refuses to put off his due date until the end of the year then I need to have this baby.

Sooooo, yeah, something has to give and the only thing left is to cancel TNFSC.  Seriously, this was a very difficult decision to make because I am a perfectionist and I feel like I can do it all.  And I certainly don't want to disappoint the boys.  Plus, they did so well with TNFSC last year and we all had a lot of fun.  I just keep telling myself that there's always next year, and the boys will understand... right...?  Sigh.  So with a heavy heart I announce that there will be no TNFSC this year.  BUT we have had fun already- we've been to story time at the library, a magic show, swimming, the park, and they've blown bubbles in the backyard, so it's not a total loss.  I'm just not doing a themed activity daily.  Instead, I'm packing, napping, preparing food, napping, refereeing their fights taking care of the boys, napping, working on school, napping... you get the idea.

The summer isn't at all as magical as I planned, but next summer will be!  And next summer #3 will here to join us!  And I won't have school!!!  YIPPEE!!


  1. As a mother who was crazy, big pregnant last summer AND in summer school I felt like the worst mom ever that we did not have some daily fabulous plans and theme going on and then I thought of my own childhood when the summer consisted of my mom telling us to go outside and that was it. That was our big summer plans I played outside with my siblings all summer long, no cute theme with a cutie snack of vegetables made to resemble a butterfly. I still think of my childhood summers fondly and they are great memories for me. So last summer I tore a page out of my mom's book and told my kids to go play outside while I put my big fat ankles up and worked on school work ALL.SUMMER. LONG!!!!! And we all lived through it to tell the tale. You are a great momma. I am always impressed by your example. Let it go and just enjoy simple and get ready for that sweet baby to get here. Trust me, your boys will be so excited when the baby gets here they will forget all about any fabulous plans you had. And....there's always next summer, WITH a baby! Hang in there, love you!

  2. The boys will always remember the year their baby brother was born. They will remember that they did summer stuff in the summer. They will have no recollection of which summers were the one's they did summer activities that were planned in advance or which summer's were things that were spontaneous. Moving has lots of fun learning things for kids. Boxes, learning to sort, taking apart and putting together furniture, finding lost items, and seeing new places. All excellent learning opportunities. Have fun, and make them do everything :)