Monday, June 2, 2014

Congratulations, Jackson!

I'm a firm believer that kindergarten "graduation" is a little bit of a joke, BUT Jackson was so proud and excited to graduate that I couldn't help but be excited for him and his big day.  Jackson is such a little smarty pants!  He was reading before kindergarten started, computing basic math, and basically ready for 1st grade when kindergarten started.  Socially, though, he had some room to grow, and grow he did!  He's such a different boy than he was last fall, so much maturity for his short 5 years.  He's patient and helpful; and he has such a big empathetic heart.  Often he will cry if Austin or one of his friends is upset or hurt.  I couldn't be more grateful for and proud of my oldest little handsome.

The ceremony was held outside.  I wasn't too sure about this since we just had almost 6" of rain just a few days earlier and there were still standing water everywhere.  But to my surprise, the school's courtyard was pretty dry and it was a BEAUTIFUL day in west Texas!  
Here's he is patiently waiting for his big moment.
Look at that face!  I couldn't love that face more if I tried!

His big moment arrived!
My biggest little growing up so fast.

We headed inside to hear some last words from his wonderful teacher, Mrs Coronado.  I didn't cry at all during the ceremony (which is quite a feat for this hormonal mommy), but when his teacher started to speak inside, I shed a few tears.  Then, saying good-bye really made me cry.  Thank goodness, Jackson didn't notice a thing!
Here he is with Mrs. Coronado.  We will miss her dearly.
PS She hugged and kissed every child which is just about unheard of in public schools these days.  Just another reason why I love her so much!

Jackson wanted a few pictures with his friends.
Here he is with Cyrus, one of his friends from church that was in his class as well.
Jackson and Cyrus were the only blonde boys in the class, and for quite awhile the classroom aide thought I was Cyrus' mom. ;)

And here is Jackson's best friend, Emily.
Last year, in preschool, his best friend was also Emily, but it was a different little girl.  
He gravitates toward Emilys!

A quick family picture-

During the ceremony Austin would randomly scream and yell for kids when their name was called.  This entertained the people around us.  He also hugged and congratulated Jackson over and over and over again.  He was proud of his big brother.

And one more of these.
I can't get enough of these two holding hands.
They do it all the time, you'd think I'd be used to it by now.
Brothers and best friends.

Afterward, we had a big family lunch with grandma and great grandpa.
Then it was time for naps, my favorite part of the day these days.  Jackson actually slept, so he must have been worn out from excitement.
It was such a beautiful day, we had a picnic in the park and played!  Well, daddy played with the boys while I read for school.  Fun...

It was the perfect ending to a really nice day.

And one more picture for the road...
The boys hugging and serenading people at Walmart the next day.  
People from other aisles were "ooo-ing" and "aw-ing" at their singing skills.

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