Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012 wrap up

"Wrap up".  I crack myself up with all my "witty" puns.  I realize I'm the only one amused and I accept this.

Well, since tomorrow is New Years Eve I figured I better get all the Christmas festivities updated on the blog, especially since we packed up Christmas at our house on Christmas night after the boys went to be bed.  That's right, our Christmas tree and decor was put away on Christmas night.  That might make me a bit of a Grinch, but I like to wake up on the 26th with a normal house so that I can clean clean clean.

I'll try to make this short and sweet with lots of pictures-  I got the idea from Pinterest to do a small Polar Express type experience with the boys at home.  We read the book, then I made special golden tickets and hid them in their beds.

We put them to be early so that we could take them to Santa Land (which Jackson still thinks is the North Pole) to see Santa.  I honestly didn't think this little idea would be a big deal to the boys because they don't really care for The Polar Express book yet, but Jackson freaked out when he realized he had a golden ticket.  He didn't even know what it was for and he was jumping up and down with joy, literally.

  I also made them bags with candy and treats inside for them to eat on the way to Santa Land.

We arrived at Santa Land, aka the North Pole, and Jackson was so excited to see Santa!  I even told him we have a LONG wait to see him and he was excited the whole time

First, we got in line and we stayed there for 2 hours!  Oh. my. word. it was a long wait, but the boys did really well.  Austin fussed a little the last half hour and Jackson got a little crazy at the end too, but all in all they were excellent.  To pass some time Daddy took them to see all the cool sights and lights while I kept our place in line.

Here we are just waiting...

Austin pretending to sleep...

Austin really falling asleep...

And then finally, just after 10pm (2 hours after bedtime) we were finally next in line to see Santa.  Jackson spontaneiously did a happy dance when he realized he was just about to see the Big Man which made the whole 2 hour wait worth every minute.  Austin hated Santa and Jackson was so excited, but more so tired, so he couldn't even muster a smile, but I promise that was one excited little boy.

Jackson told Santa he wanted a Leappad for Christmas and Santa delivered!  He came to see us a few nights later and filled the boys' stockings.

Austin was fascinated (and still is) by a little candy light saber that Santa brought him.

And Jackson kept asking to play with his stamp set all. day. long.  And to be honest we still haven't even opened that stamp set.  I have to do that tomorrow.  Mostly, I just loved this face that he made-

And my favorite part of Christmas morning, the snow!!  We woke up to snow then it snowed even more as the morning progressed.  LOVED IT!!  Every last snowflake!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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