Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our Thankful Tree

Pinterest gave me the great idea of the Thankful Tree. I collected some branches from the backyard, the Cricut cut out some "leaves" for me, and then we filled the leaves of our Thankful Tree with all the things that we are grateful for. I asked Jackson what he is thankful for and some of his responses were: sticky tape, the Thankful Tree, outside, and pancakes. He makes my heart happy. I can't wait to continue this tradition every year! Here is our 2011 Thankful Tree.


  1. I LOVE this and your decorations are always so cute!

  2. Thanks! And thanks for NOT posting the picture of us. There are already too many unattractive pictures of me out there. Why in the 10+ years since we've known each other can we not take a good picture together? Baffling.