Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mommy fail, Daddy success

Today the weather is gorgeous! It's cloudy and the high is only 69. I had the brilliant idea to go to the corn maize and take some fall pictures with the boys, pretending that Texas isn't really sunny and hot still this time of year. So we get the boys all cuted up in their new fall clothes and we told Jackson we're going to see some animals (which he loves, although they scare him to death) and headed out to the corn maize. The whole ride we can hear Jackson in the back saying, "go see animals, go see animals, go see animals", but when we get there they were closed. DOH! Mommy should have checked when they were open before we left. We told Jackson that the animals are sleeping fully expecting a complete meltdown, but there wasn't one. I already felt terrible because I told him all morning that we were going to see animals and now I feel even worse because he handled not seeing animals so well. On the way home Daddy thinks of some animals that are outside by a friend's house that we can drive by and see, but on the way there we drove passed the Science Spectrum, which gave Daddy another great idea to just take the boys to play there. Daddy success! So here are some pictures of our impromptu visit to the Science Spectrum this morning. The boys had a great time and we got to see some animals anyway. Actually, we got there just in time for the reptile show:

Then, of course, we had to visit the fishies:

Playing in the preschool room:

And Austin's favorite part, watching the ball maze:

It might have been a Mommy fail, but the day was really nice.

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