Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jim's birthday and Father's Day

Every year Jim's birthday falls right around Father's Day and I feel bad that he gets all his "special" days at once. I try really hard to have 2 separate celebrations, so this weekend was all about Daddy!

Saturday we had a birthday party for Daddy.  We had yummy bbq and a delicious cheesecake since he isn't fond of cake.  Then we opened presents.  Here are all of Daddy's birthday and Father's Day presents!  He made out like a bandet this year because not only did he get all of these gifts, he's also making his own smoker with a friend this weekend.  Lucky Daddy!

The boys had to help Daddy open all of his gifts.  There were just too many for Daddy to open all by himself.

I took Jackson to the Dollar Store and let him pick out some gifts for Daddy.  For Daddy's birthday Jackson picked out peppermint candies to give Daddy and some playdough for Austin to give Daddy.

Jackson put the bag on his head so he could have a birthday hat like Daddy.

Here's Birthday Daddy with his two favorite superheroes.  I love ALL of these boys!

For Father's Day we took the boys to the Science Spectrum and out to dinner. Jackson picked out a Mr. Potato Head preschool numbers book and a water squirter-thing to give Daddy for Father's Day, which happened to be exactly what Daddy wanted! Good thinking, Jackson! All in all I think Daddy had a good weekend with lots of celebrations. Jim is an amazing father to our boys, and I'm beyond grateful for him. How lucky we are to have him in our lives! Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day Daddy!!! We love you!!!

PS Anyone else notice the crooked picture in the background?  It's driving me crazy!  Have I fixed it yet?  Nope!  ;)


  1. Hahaha! When I was scrolling through the pictures I noticed it and was shocked that you even posted the pics, cause I thought surely your OCD would take over and you would never allow that. You crack me up!

  2. Well, you're right, I normally wouldn't put of up pictures with the crooked picture, but they are all I had of the celebrations. Would you believe that I left it crooked for awhile because I kept forgetting, but it's fixed now. ;)