Tuesday, July 20, 2010

4th time is the charm???

Ok, I've tried this blogging thing 3 other times before, so I'm hoping the 4th time is the charm. I think my problem with blogging is A. I have NO idea what I'm doing!!! And B. I have no purpose to blog because I'm a Facebook addict and I update it all the time. Well, I can only cure my lack of blogging knowledge by actually blogging consistantly; and I will fix my lack of purpose by giving this blog a purpose. So besides posting little pieces of my family on a weekly basis, I'm going to post my weekly FHE's with my toddler because it's really difficult to have FHE with a loud, attention-span-less, almost 2 year old. Hopefully this will give some of you ideas and PLEASE, PLEASE share your ideas with me.

*For my non-LDS friends FHE stands for Family Home Evening. It's something we do every Monday night. It has a spiritual theme/message and some sort of activity. It builds family togetherness and spiritual strength.

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  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing your FHE ideas, I need them. Have you tried scriptures4kids. That helps me sometimes.